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Summer Events: August Edition

Summer vacations are coming to an end. It’s time to gather your friends and family and head out to an Oshkosh event. Explore new events, meet new people and create new, summer memories. The weather is perfect to indulge in your next adventure. Impress your friends with stories from one of Oshkosh’s exciting, August events!


3. Live at Lunch: Noell Kaylene, Food Truck Rally
3-7. Winnebago County Fair
4. Waterfest: Robbie Krieger’s Jam Kitchen
5. Food Truck Friday
6. Titan 5K
7. Midsummer Dream


9. Live at the Leach: Tin Sandwich
10. Live at Lunch: Joe ‘n’ Janis, Beckets
10. Midsummer Dream
11. Waterfest: Eric Burdon & The Animals
11. Fit Oshkosh Community Dinner
11-13. Symco Shakedown
12-14. Greater WI Outdoor & Sportsman Festival
13. Young Artist Workshop
13. Oshkosh Animal Hospital Open House
13. Otter Street Kids Fisheree
14. Race the Lake
14. Community Pool Party
14. Midsummer Dream


16. Slow Roll
16. Live at the Leach: Outside Aces
17. Live at Lunch: JT Casper, Ski’s Meat MarketColorVibe5k_30
18. Waterfest: Blues Traveler / Wallflowers
19. Movie Night at the Leach: Inside Out
19-21. WI Desert Horse Show
20. Wisconsin Cornhole Tourney
20. Color Vibe 5K
20. Square Fare
20. Eagles in Wisconsin
22. Pollock Carnival Day


25. Waterfest: Blue Oyster Cult
25. Ardy & Ed’s Cruise Night
25-28. Lazy Days Quarter Horse Show
27. Xtreme Air 5K
27-28. Gus Macker
27-28. BMX State Finals


Saturday Night Out > First Saturday of the Month
Gallery Walk > First Saturday of the MonthGus Macker
Meet the Artist > Last Saturday of the Month
Market in the Park > Wednesday Evenings
Dark Nights Trivia & Karaoke > Thursday & Friday Nights
Improv & Stand Up Comedy > Friday & Saturday Nights
Summer Farmers Market > Saturday Mornings
Riverboat Cruises > Weds., Fri., Sat. Nights & Sun. Afternoon
Menominee Park Zoo: Animal Explores > Various Weekdays
Audubon’s Birds of America > Through October 16
Geniuses of Oshkosh > Through October 16
EAA Rare WWII Nose Art Exhibit > Through December


For an up-to-date list of events go to VisitOshkosh.com

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