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The (Not-So) Newlywed Game!

The (Not-So) Newlywed Game!

Remember the timeless Newlywed Game? For the past 3 years we’ve bringing it live for Valentine’s day and it’s a hit! So by popular demand, we’re doing it again!

The Backlot Comedy House is testing those who have been
A. Married Forever
B. Not Married Long
C. Not Married at all!

It’s the Newlywed Game – with a twist! Our couples will have the chance at winning a grando-super splendid gift that will outlast the test of time and some marriages!!!

Laugh, drink and enjoy local!

Serving beer, soda and water with no drink minimum
Ages 21+
Rated R

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Want to make a night of it? Check out the many places to dine, shop and create prior to the show, Downtown Oshkosh!


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