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Shangri-LA: An Episodic Comedy - Fox Valley Premiere

Join Wisconsin natives and filmmakers Nick Sommer and Drew Rosas for a one night only chance to binge watch all 13 episodes of their new comedy series Shangri-LA on the big screen.

Followed by a Q&A with the co-creators after the screening.

Sunday, July 28th, 3:30pm (doors open @ 3pm)

Times Community Theater – 445 North Main St. Oshkosh, WI 54903



Shangri-LA Website

The unconventional 13-episode comedy series follows an ensemble cast of unique and memorable characters trying to “make it” in Hollywood while surviving on the streets of L.A. The Oshkosh premiere is an invitation for fans to binge all 13 episodes of Season 1 live on the big screen at the Time Community Theater.

A discussion with the filmmakers will follow the show.

Season 1 of Shangri-LA follows Nicky Kaplow (Sommer), an urban survivalist living off the land in the City of Angles. After a nervous breakdown causes Nicky to abandon his life of excess as a semi-famous infomercial personality, he has finally found his place of solace living as a homeless homesteader. He navigates through the hidden wilds of Los Angeles, encountering a cast of outsiders all struggling to climb their way up the Hollywood ladder, while Nicky himself is trying to climb his way back down. With empty pockets and big dreams, the characters in Shangri-LA use any means necessary to navigate the absurdities of Hollywood on a quest to find their true paradise.

The Fox Valley Premiere of Shangri-LA marks a triumphant return of Rosas and Sommer from their West Coast filmmaking adventures to their homeland in the Midwest. Much like the characters in their show, Sommer and Rosas became disenchanted with the conventions of the Hollywood entertainment machine and paved an alternative path by creating Shangri-LA. With an original premise, loads of talent and a whole lot of sweat-equity, this two-man production team built a TV show from the ground up.

“We’re taking the web out of web series,” said Sommer. “This tour is a way for us to connect in person with our fans by bringing Shangri-LA back to the community we came from, on the big screen.”

Shangri-LA Season 1 includes 13 episodes, with an average running time of 10 minutes each.  The July 28th screening in Oshkosh will include a 15-minute intermission and a Q&A with the filmmakers following the screening.