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Screwballs Draft Tournament

This tournament will be draft style….our 4 Captains will be determined after sign up….4 highest MEN will be the Captains. The Captains will draft their players from the pool of paid participants at a date, time and place chosen by TD….
Each team will consist of 9 men and 3 women (including the captain). Within each 12 person team are 3 four person teams, each 4 person team must have 1 woman and 3 men. Teams will remain the same for the duration of the
tournament. Women will start each game.

Round Robin Stacked 501 MO is the game played on 6 boards, 3 games per match. Overall winners will be determined based on wins. If there is a tie the 3 women on your team and the captain will shoot the 1 sudden death game of Cricket with the Captains going last.

Check in at Screwballs at 11am….Darts fly at NOON SHARP!

Entry Fee is $50.00 which includes a $10 per player board fee

First PAID 36 men and first PAID 12 women will play.

SIGN UP AND MAKE PAYMENT ONLY TO Missi Holz via paypal @ missiholz@gmail.com

100% entry payout plus $1080 added!! $3000 total purse broke down as follows:
1st = $2000
2nd = $1000

ADDING A TRIPS POT!! Tickets will be sold until the final round of the tournament and then drawn until all the money is gone with buy ins after every round!

When sending money via PayPal, put your name in the comments so I know and can confirm who is signing up, this goes for multiple people being signed up under 1 PayPal payment. If you are paying with cash, your payment must be received on the day you sign up.
I will ONLY post a list of entries on the event posted on Screwballs Facebook page.
NO REFUNDS…..once you are signed up and paid, which must be done at the same time, you must commit. If for any reason you cannot shoot, you will forfeit your entry to the tournament prize fund and someone else can sign up, pay and play.