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Humans of Oshkosh Veterans Storytelling Project

Five words. “Thank you for your service.”
What does that simple phrase mean to the person uttering it?
To the person on the receiving end?

In the latest Humans of Oshkosh Storytelling Project, UW Oshkosh students in instructor Grace Lim’s Quest III “Telling Stories for Fun, Profit and World Peace*” class explored the heft of that simple sentiment. The Humans of Oshkosh Celebration of Community and Stories featuring the “Thank You for Your Service Veterans Storytelling Project” includes a photo exhibit, book and multimedia presentation highlighting the veterans of Oshkosh Corporation and others in our community.

Limited copies of the latest book will be available. All proceeds help support HOO storytelling projects. Join us for an evening of discovery about our community and our humanity with stories of us, the humans of Oshkosh.