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Fiercely United Flowers Running Group

Do you want to be part of a movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reason why women run? HECK YES YOU DO!

Fellow Flowers was started in 2012 by the “famous flowers” Mel & Tori. Now, over 25,000 women all over the United States call themselves FLOWERS. Angie Chovanec and Stephanie Pereira da Silva were introduced to the “flower world” in 2015. After diving in full force, they attended the 1st “Rock-Run-Retreat” in Arizona, hiked some kick butt mountains and joined the official #ffcrew. Angie and Steph felt the call to do more as crew so after some runs, wine and conversation they created the 1st Oshkosh “Fellow Flowers” group on December 1st, 2015.

We started big, inviting everyone we knew who ran to come “bloom-baby-bloom”. We had some scared, but brave soles step out with us in the brutal January temps in Wisconsin to start to train for the Oshkosh Full, Half or Relay in April. Many of these women never ran before, some were veterans, some just wanted to find some cool new friends—whatever the case was, that is just what happened. We bloomed.

As crew of the Flowers, we live by the mission and values Tori & Mel established back in 2012. We are a running community that believes it is not just about the miles, but more so about the moments of transformation that running gives each and every one of us. We believe that every woman – no matter if she’s running her first 5K or if she’s been a runner for years – has a story. And we are on a mission, as #ffcrew to create the space where those stories can be shared in a safe place.

Participate…whether it be in the Saturday runs, the weekday runs with other flowers, races/events, girls nights, etc!  Feel the love and share the love. Authentic friendships, conversations and days filled with nothing but positivity. Be part of the movement. You owe it to yourself. Your family. Your body.

Bloom Baby Bloom,
Stephanie Pereira da Silva

PS…we really want you to read Mel & Tori’s story. It might give you an eery feeling about our group. Notice how similar their journey was to ours? Pretty sweet right?