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CWB Gold Experience Tour

What is the Gold Experience? It is the Charles Walker Band show re imagined.

We brought back some old songs and have rearranged the show for more crowd interaction and more fun! You deserve the Gold Experience!

Deliciously Stanky. Dynamically Funky. Recklessly Hopeful. Grounded in soul, the Charles Walker Band has been compared to Prince, Bruno Mars, Chaka Khan, and James Brown. The Milwaukee based band has refined their sound into Neo-Funk, a fusion of funk infused rhythms with pop melodies. The three-piece band rehearses tirelessly in Charles’ basement, amidst couches and low ceilings, Charles stooping the entire time. At show time, surprisingly, there are no fans. There is only family. The question posed at the beginning of the show is, Are we family or not? The Charles Walker Band is Deliciously Stanky. Dynamically Funky. Recklessly Hopeful.

Doors: 5:30 PM
Showtime: 6PM


Onsite Parking, Restrooms