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Celebrate International Women’s Day in Downtown Oshkosh

She believed she could so she did. Celebrate International Women’s Day in Downtown Oshkosh with workshops that will empower and inspire you! We will enjoy a lunch at becket’s and then each age group will participate in 3 different 45 minute workshops. Each workshop will be presented by women in our community!

Tickets are $25/person and include a lunch that begins at 11AM at becket’s, followed by 3 workshops at different locations in Downtown Oshkosh (12:30PM-4:00PM). Detailed schedules along with more information on what to bring will be announced 1 week before the event.
Optional & additional networking and post-event options to be announced at a later date so if you are interested in continuing the day with us downtown keep your schedule open!

Age Groups for the workshops.
6-11 years old
12-18 years old
19+ years old
Each age group will be participating in different workshops. Ex. while the 6-11 year olds are at Fire Escape, the 12-18 year olds will be at American Black Belt Academy. We will enjoy lunch all together as a group.

Space is limited and registration required.


Family Friendly