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Thank you for your interest in Oshkosh. We are a flexible, affordable and convenient location for unique meetings, conventions, events and more! Whether you just need a few questions answered or would like assistance planning your event from start to finish, the Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau is here to help!

To request planning information or proposal (RFP), please submit the Request for Proposal. After receiving the RFP, a member from our sales team will contact you.

Please contact jodi@visitoshkosh.com with questions or concerns.

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Oshkosh Brand Ambassador Program

The Oshkosh Brand Ambassador Program is designed to allow local businesses and organizations to incorporate the brand of Oshkosh (Wisconsin’s Event City) into their marketing and communication efforts. The brand will support and advance your marketing message. Through this partnership and collaboration, the entire community will benefit and thrive.

The role of an Oshkosh Brand Ambassador is to:

•    Market and communicate Oshkosh as Wisconsin’s Event City
•    Live the brand through a sense of pride and action
•    Help Oshkosh continue to grow and develop strategically as Wisconsin’s Event City.

Brand ambassadors will play an integral role in ensuring brand continuity, elevating our community pride, enticing visitors and spurring economic growth. To find out how you can get started with the program, please click here and contact Wendy Hielsberg at (920) 303-9200 or wendy@visitoshkosh.com.